Friday, July 01, 2011


Just now when we were having class,
A fren,
Who is not very close to me throughout this course,
Turn few times to me n stare for few seconds,

Finished class n meet at lift there again,
He immediately ask me y I use contact lens..
Yuan Lai...
I thought wat is so weird with me today...

I rmb some ppl told me that I looked like vampire,
In this blue color contact lens,
"do I look like vampire?"

"ya! It's scary!"
Haha... So... I can come out with this at night to scare ppl then!

Aiyoh... But scary is nt good Leh...
If anyone is telling me I look scary again,
Then I.........
Change grey colour ones!


Hehe, today's class is just nice!
I miss Xavier really!
If nt bcoz of him,
I will nt be who I m today also,
Maybe my economics is just a mere "P",
Maybe I won't have such interest in economics(which I think is a very very important subject n knowledge to master),
N I will not become very very close fren with miss Aida,

But I have no chance to the him also,
Even though he said we have a treat using the money collected from the penalty after finishing the final of the subject...
I think he is a very successful tutor,
Can still affect his student even after so long time...
Hope he is doing very well, no matter in wat industries he is in,
I believe he sure is a "bu ping fan" de person!

Not all successful person completed their studies,
Those who completed high lvl of studies, what r they doing now?
Hehe, worth pondering on right?

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