Thursday, August 11, 2011

random post~!

Yes yes yes,
I m done with my 4th sem!
After the final i got less than 2 weeks break~
Going to spend my holiday working and improve on my baking skills!

I m so excited about the coming KL trip,
going to meet the two cuties again!
and also the church campssss~!

Really sien my home cannot online again...
Writing blog using Swinburne library pc is just....
so no mood...

Today I seriously feel disturbed by someone,
a "cute" fren told me something that is quite scary,
and i really cant focus when i was working,
coz that "FACE" keep pop out!
N i search my hp to find a pic that makes me feel better...
i did feel better...
suddenly reminds me of someone,
n i believe he will always be fine.
i hope i can see u succeed in everything!

→ 个性坚强,具有强烈的成功欲望
→ 作风强悍,有影响力和独特的魅力
→ 凡事追求完美,坚持到底

优点 :
→ 头脑清楚,果敢
→ 才能突出,拥有独特的创意

缺点 :
→ 具有相当的叛逆性和独特的怪癖,别人较难理解

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kyRa said...

没有事的啦。。。 放一百个心。。。