Friday, August 26, 2011

Sot Sot SMS

Just now when i was having class,
Received a message from my mum,

"Shirley! Rachel is coming! I am Rachel. Hello!"


Then I realised that this two kids reached Kuching dy.
Their family and my family are going to KL for this Raya holiday.

"Hahahahah! I will be back in a while! U sleep with us? Our room very messy oh..."

She replied this,

"Eh, I am Rachel. I am in your hp."
I was like,
burst out laughter in the middle of the class.
My frens keep staring at me...

"Ok. Dun come out ok? Hahaha"

Memang cute dao make me speechless!

M going home to see them now!

1 comment:

kyRa said...

hahahaha.... bo liao la ni...