Friday, August 05, 2011

Special Leading Presentation

Today i attended a lecture which I have taken the subject in previous term,
n face a group of very interesting and friendly and fun people,
they are outspoken and humorous plus enthusiastic!
Here is a pic of them:
Wat a naughty president. haha

I did not regret for choosing to attend their presentation,
even though i was late for my lunch date

There are only 3 presentations but they used 3 hours!
In previous presentations,
I have to struggle to add in more contents to make presentation time up to requirement,
these people were naturally born to perform!
they enjoy presenting their ideas,
and they even dance(like dancing in a night club???) and act very lively to catch audience attention.
They really know what they are presenting and they tried their best to bring out the concept to us.
In the end of the presentation they really ask and answer the questions,
it even raise an argue (argue over correct concept)
This is really impressive!
They dun care about ppl laughing,
they dun memorize the script,
they dun etc etc...

all in all,
today re-learned leading theories:
Jung Typology, Leadership Communication & Shadow.
Had deeper understanding of the concepts really,
except the last one,
the wild dance caught my attention only,
i can hardly catch the presenter's speech,
too fast,
LOL lousy me~
I like the first and second one,
very clear and thought reflective,

Went to Kuching Food fair twice dy.
today din go with my family,
dunno wat happened to my mum also,
yesterday went watch movie today still go!
choose the timing when dun have nice movie de wor...
opportunity cost of not following is cant enjoy all kinds of food 99,
but lucky also lo..
i just started my gym session,
cannot waste my effort!

really feel bad about myself recently,
i think i really should attend the 忧郁症讲座,
got a bit of symptom dy...

gud nite la~
tomoro wake up early~!

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